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Talent Booking Agent. Singers, Rappers, Dancers, Models, Comedians. All ages, 5 and up. TEN FREE TICKETS per show, Free Young Entrepreneur Program. Free School Supplies Referrals. Free Media Connections. Free Photos, Free Empowerment Workshops. Free $250 Cash Giveaway to Contest Winners. Free Company Informational Booklet. Hip-Hop Dancing Studio TIme, Music Studio TIme, Travel Trips, Hair Stylist, Make-up Artist, Company-wear, Fashion Modeling Class. Parents Receive $100 Referral Fee on all Sign-up Referrals, Plus Bonuses.

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Lifetime Membership Fee $500
(No experience necessary)

-Best Entertainer-


-Best Fashion Model Of The Year-

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-Abcumby Enterprize Merchandise For Sale-

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-Talent Search-


Become a Member to get insight on how you can get a job with the company once you become 21 years old. Make $100 per membership contract you sell to parents for their children. You will also recieve a free travel certificate for 3 days and 2 nights upon request. Earn unlimited money all year round.

1st Prize Contest Winner $125 Cash
2nd Prize Contest Winner $75 Cash
3rd Prize Contest Winner $50 Cash


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Become a fashion model. No experience Necessary. Ages 5 to 17 Years Old.
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Are you a Kid Diva? So U think U A Diva contest. Win $250! Members Fee $5. Non-Members Fee $10.
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